An article appeared in the March-April 2020 edition of “Corgi Times”. The author, Ingo G. Nessel, wrote about “A 6¢ Wilding Cover and a Mystery", and he presented an image of a registered cover. It was franked with 4 Canadian 6¢ Wilding issue definitive stamps, and was sent through the Post Office in Weston, a suburb of Toronto, Ontario, on Monday 9 September 1957. The envelope was addressed to Cyril Redford and J. D. Brown, at the same delivery address as the return address in the upper left corner of the cover. The enclosure shown in the article was a short affidavit concerning a conceptual idea,  addressed “To Whom It May Concern”,  was signed by Cyril Redford and Joseph D Brown.

The author stated that “Attempts to Google the two gentlemen did not reveal much, except that one of them, Mr. Cyril Redford seems to have been more active in the field of inventions. If anyone has more information on either Redford or Joseph D. Brown, or can answer any of the questions, your enlightenment will be appreciated.

My investigations shed a bit of light on both Redford and Brown, and some general facts were forwarded to the author through the editor of the Newsletter.

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