A Single U.S. 3 cent Washington

on a cover

from Middletown, CT.,

July 19, 1861


Addressed to Miss Emeline M Beals


This cover shows a single 3 cent Washington postage stamp (Scott #26) used domestically on a cover from Middletown, Connecticut, to Cummington, Massachusetts, dated July 19 1861.


3 cent washington cover 1861 front


The outgoing dater (round, about 1.25" in diameter) was impressed in the upper right corner of the envelope by hand, using red ink. A round 9 bar 'killer' or 'canceller' was hand applied to the face of the stamp with black ink. The killer ink ties the stamp to the cover.

The stamp itself (Scott No. 26, Design A21) was printed by Toppan, Carpenter & Co., between 1857 and 1861. Scott catalogues this as Type  II - i.e., with no frame lines on the top or bottom of the stamp, and with side frame lines showing continuous from one image to the next (Type I was the stamp as originally issued in 1851, Scott No. 10, Design A10). The postage stamp itself was affixed to the cover in the upper left corner, rather than in the upper right as has come to be a standard placement as machine cancellatoin use has expanded. Stamps of this design were produced with about 7 colour variations - dull red; red; rose; brownish carmine; claret; orange brown; and plum, with dull red presumably being the most common. This particular stamp would appear to be 'dull red', but with no similar items on hand to compare to, the actual colour is uncertain. The stamp was line perforated, 15½ x 15½.

The intended recipient of the contents of the envelope was 'Miss Emeline M Beals' of Cummington, Mass'. There is no receiving office date stamp on the reverse of the cover. There is nothing on the cover's front or back to indicate who the sender was. 

3 cent washington cover 1861 back


The cover has been trimmed very slightly on the left, most likely at the time of opening by Miss Beal.

Miss Emeline M Beals was fully known as Martha Emeline Beals. She was the only known child of Elias and Polly [nee Bates] Beals. She was born in Cummington, Hampshire County, Massachusetts, on 29 April 1833, so the original contents of this cover would have landed in her hands at her parents' home, when she was about 28 years of age. Emeline's mother Polly died in Cummington in 1864, and Emeline continued to live with her father until at least mid-1870. In 1871, when she was about 38 years of age, Emeline became the second wife of 12 years older Lyman Strong Mayhew, and she died at their home in Worthington, Hampshire County, on 29 August 1875. No children of this union are known. Emeline's father also died in Cummington in 1881, and his remains joined his wife's and his daughter's in the Village Cemetery there.

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