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British Home Child's

1911 Census of Canada Details

 Born in Scotland in 1887

Transported in 1894

Where was she in 1911? 

The facts as presented:

A girl born in Scotland in 1887 had been transported to Canada as a 'British Home Child', with two sisters, in 1894. 1911 Census of Canada details for the two sisters had been located, as had a marriage record for the girl from 1908.

The challenge:

Could I find where the girl was on Census Day in Canada in 1911? Is this even feasible?

The results:

Details about the girl were quickly found in 1911 Census of Canada schedules, and a digital image of the page where her details were found was sent. Also developed were brief facts about the family with whom the girl was residing on Census Day in 1911 (31 March), and these were also relayed to my client.

The response:

" Wow! That is it. Just called the granddaughter and she is amazed"

- - - Project No. 230205 (Completed 5 February 2023)

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