Searching for a Will


Toronto, York County, Ontario


The facts as presented:

A man was known to have died in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on a day early in January, 1951.

The challenge:

Did he leave a Will?

The response:

A line-by-line survey was undertaken of the Original Index Books to Grants of Probate and Grants of Administration that were issued from the Surrogate Court in York County, Ontario (which encompassed the City of Toronto), for the period 1 January 1951 through 31 January 1956.

While Estate Files for four individuals with the subject's surname were referenced, no details were forthcoming to suggest that a Will was ever submitted prior to a Grant of Probate in York County, for five years after the death of the man of interest. Nor were any details found to suggest that a Grant of Administration was ever issued with no Will being known.

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