Ontario and New York

for a

Charlottenburgh Township Resident


The facts as presented:

A series of postal letters arrived from a man living about 30 kilometers (+/-) due east of Montreal, Quebec.

The initial interest concerned a United Empire Loyalist family with a certain surname, who my correspondent believed had settled after the American Rebellion in Charlottenburgh Township (which is now in the Province of Ontario, but which was in 1784 in Quebec).

My challenge:

Could I provide any details about the family?

The response:

Done. As many details as it was possible to gather within the very short amount of time allowed for the work were relayed to my client. Elusive facts about a man whom I thought might possibly be more likely to 'fit the bill' were also relayed.

An encore...

The UEL family is not mine. Could I provide any more details about this other man?

The encore response:

Within the very short time allowed for this encore undertaking, as well, very detailed facts about the man in question - unquestionably the man my client was fundamentally interested in, were gathered and relayed to him. The man and his wife had both been born in Ontario in the early 1830s - he of a couple with either French or German origins, she of a couple with French-Canadian origins. The man had more than likely been born in Charlottenburgh Township. Border crossing evidence was found (Canada to the US, and the US to Canada), probably as work was available. Some of the children of the man of interest had been born in Charlottenburgh Township, Ontario, Canada, but several had been born around Fort Covington, Franklin County, New York State, in the United States. Both the man of interest and his wife died in Fort Covington.

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