- Edwin Jeune -

Where was he Living on Census Day, 1901?


 - Using City Directories to find

a Hidden Census Record -


The facts as presented:

Edwin JEUNE was born on the British Channel Island of Jersey in 1843. By 1874 he was at Paspebiac, near New Carlisle, Quebec, Canada, and there he was married to Martha Jane Allen, the daughter of Samuel William & Nancy [nee YOUNG] ALLEN. By 1890, Edwin was in Toronto, Ontario, and he was enumerated there in Canada's 1891 and 1911 Census enumerations. But where was he - why was he not enumerated in Toronto, during Canada's 1901 Census enumeration?

The challenge:

Could it be determined where in Toronto Edwin Jeune was on Census Day in 1901?

The records consulted:

Birth & baptismal records from the Island of Jersey, part of the United Kingdom; marriage and birth/baptismal records from various places in the Province of Quebec; Civil birth, marriage & death registry records from Ontario; Census records from a few places in Canada, 1881, 1891, 1901 & 1911, notably Sherbrooke & New Carlisle in Quebec, and Toronto in Ontario ; Toronto City Directories, 1891-1902; and assorted maps of Toronto.

The results:

Detailed examinations of Edwin Jeune's residential locations and occupations from the time of his arrival in Canada, through to 1911, were undertaken. Details about all known family members were gathered. Detailed surveys of both the 'Alphabetical' and the 'Streets' listings found in Toronto City Directores, 1891-1902, were completed, and a 'most probable' location of Mr. Jeune's residence in Toronto was determined. Detailed surveys of both the 1st, or 'Population' schedules, and the 2nd, or 'Buildings and Lands' schedules of Canada's 1901 census enumerator's schedules from the Toronto area were completed next. And a 'most likely' trace of Edwin Jeune was found as a resident of Toronto at the address suggested by the city directoris. The difficulty in finding distinctive traces of Edwin Jeune in 1901 Census of Canada records seems to have arisen because of an error made on the part of the original enumerator when compiling his final census schedules.

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