A Declaration of Death

in 1946

After a Lengthy Disappearance


The facts as presented:

Events had been well researched and documented concerning a man who had been born in Canada, and later lived during the early 20th century in both Canada and the USA. But there were one or two significant gaps in the knowledge that had been developed. First, the man was believed to have entered US territory by crossing the land border from Canada in 1922, but no more detailed facts were held. Second, the date and place of this man’s death were not known. 

The Challenge: 

I was challenged to first locate and obtain copies of the record created by US officials when this man entered US territory from Canada in 1922. The second component of my work was to establish when and where this man died.

The Results:

The record created in 1922 when this man left Canada by land, and crossed the border in to US territory, was located, copied, and forwarded. The man returned to Canada, but disappeared from the family home one evening in about 1935. References to a 1946 provincial Supreme Court declaration of death were found. Copies were obtained and forwarded. No formal provincial death registration was ever created at any time concerning this man.

- - - - Project #210202   (completed 3 February 2021)  

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