McDowall's Marriage Register


Queen's University Archives, 2020


The facts as presented:

Some important family history records had been identified in two separate 'transcripts' of Rev'd Robert McDowall's marriage register from the Bay of Quinte area of Ontario (covering roughly 1798 to 1841). Each 'transcript' presented slightly different information. The original register is held at Queen's University Archives in Kingston. One (incomplete) version of a 'transcript' is accessible here.

The challenge:

Could I visit the archives, and obtain digital images of each of the records of interest found in the original registers held at Queen's Universtiy Archives, to help dispel some surname spelling issues?

The results:

A pre-visit consultation with the responsible archivist meant that Rev'd Robert McDowall's Marriage Register was available upon arrival. The register itself is quite worn, and the binding is broken. Entries about various events in the register are not the easiest to read or follow, the record of many events being out of date sequence. Nevertheless, the desired digital images were quickly and efficiently captured using two devices, and were forwarded upon completion.

The response: 

"your photos were fantastic .. no qualitly issues at all .. I really appreciate the quality of your work".

- - - - - - Project #200225   (completed 28 Feb 2020)  

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