A Family from Ireland,

in Kingston, Ontario, Canada,

from the mid-1830s


The facts as presented:

A man and his wife were identified. Both were thought to have been born in Ireland in about 1810, and both were thought to have died in Kingston, Ontario – he in 1860, she in 1875. Bare-bones year of birth, marriage and death facts were subsequently provided for 6 probable children.

The challenge:

to discover any documentary evidence which would expand on the man and his wife – their origins in Ireland, the period of their emigration from Ireland, the true number and identification of their children, and so on.

The records consulted:

Roman Catholic registers of baptisms, confirmations, marriages, and burials, St. Mary's Parish, Kingston, Ont.; Irish Roman Catholic Marriage Registers; 1861 Census of Canada West schedules from Kingston; 1871, 1881 and 1891 Census of Canada schedules; Ontario provincial civil death registry records; selected New York State land purchase/sale indexes; pages of the Daily British Whig (Kingston, Ont.) and the Kingston Whig-Standard newspapers; assorted Michigan and Illinois records; specific internet materials; etc.

The results:

Within the span of 14 hours, it was discovered that the man and woman had married in Ireland in 1827, and had soon thereafter moved to upstate New York where possible relations residing in New York State were identified. The couple's first child was born in New York State, then, in the mid-1830s, the family moved to Kingston, Upper Canada, where the parents remained until death and burial. The woman’s maiden surname was discovered, and dates of birth/baptism, marriage, and death/burial for 7 children in all, some of which had been erroneously understood previously, were discovered. Several of the children were tracked through New York, Michigan, and Illinois, and facts about one son’s service with the Union Army during the US Civil War, and the circumstances of his prosperous farming operation in Michigan, were uncovered. Also established were the true dates of death and burial of the man and his wife.

The response:

“I have read your report twice now, and all I can say is MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Not only is your work exceedingly thorough and professional, but you were able to find exactly what I needed… Well Done!… Thank you again for all your wonderful work!… I am truly thrilled with your report!”.

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