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Transcribing an 1831 Upper Canada Land Patent Document

The facts as presented: a legal firm in Ontario had received in mid-March of 2021 a digital copy of a Crown Land Patent, which was originally issued in the Province of Upper Canada in 1831. The copy as received was of very poor quality – it was a low resolution scan of a ‘legal’ size original to a less than ‘letter’ size pdf image, and no understanding of the cramped and difficult handwriting of the original could be made.

The challenge: could I transcribe this record?

The result: A complete verbatim transcript was quickly provided.

The response: Thank you for your services. This is great. It’s amazing how, after reading your transcription, my brain suddenly recognizes so much more of the language on the Crown patent.

- - - - Project #210311    (completed 29 March 2021) 

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