Examining Papers


Queen's University Archives



The facts as presented:

A collection of private papers created between about 1930 and 1964 - a Fonds, located in the Archives of Queen's University, had been identified as a collection of interest. A second request followed upon the results of the first.

The challenge:

Could I visit the Archives to examine these papers, and obtain paper copies of all entries found in certain categories, within several date ranges between about 1950 and 1964?

The results:

All of the relevant items found within the Fonds were examined in minute detail. All of the items in the Fonds were handwritten, using either a nib-pen and ink (earlier), or a ballpoint pen (later). Entries made in the various notebooks of interest were difficult to work through - year dates were not necessarily recorded, and manuscript entries were not necessarily in date sequence. Neverthless, 51 full colour copies on both 11" x 17" and 8 1/2" x 11" paper were obtained, and duly forwarded by postal mail.

The response:

"Thank you for your research report received on Friday. And thank you for all your diligent documenation efforts."

An encore request:

Could I return to Queen's Archives, to search for and obtain copies of some additional items in the same collection?"

The results:

Certainly! Done! And the resultant paper copies were immediately forwarded.

The encore response:

"Thank you for your very thorough report with copies...."

        - - - Project #211109   (completed 15 November 2021; Encore completed 30 November 2021)

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