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Abstracts of a selection of research & investigation projects that were started and finished more than about 18 months ago, or so. Specific names and details are witheld out of respect for individual privacy, unless authorization has been received to publish names and details.

Anglican to Roman Catholic,

and back to Anglican,

in Kingston in the 1850s and 1860s


The facts as presented:

A woman who was married in 1876, in the village of Kirkfield, Eldon Township, Victoria County, Ontario, Canada, later said that she had been born in the City of Kingston in 1855. The Bride and the Groom both informed the minister who performed the marriage ceremony that they were both 'Church of England', or Anglican, in their religious beliefs. And, this religious preference was presented by the woman and her family in all subsequent records created after 1876 which pertain to them. The names of both parents of the Bride were recorded in the civil marriage record in 1876.  A potential 'father candidate' had been identified - but he was of the Roman Catholic faith, and he was living in South Crosby Township, Leeds County, Canada West, in early 1852, when the '1851' Census of the Province of Canada West was taken. South Crosby Township is quite some distance north-east of the City of Kingston.

The challenge: 

To discover any information about the birth of the woman who married in Kirkfield in 1876, and to discover who her parents were.

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