Robert George Murduck


 A Photographer in England

circa 1897 to 1936


-  Submit a Copy of Your Photograph  -


Have you found, or do you own, a photograph that can be identified as one of Robert George Murduck's?

Will you share copies with me?

Ideally, each photograph should be scanned with ample margins at full colour, 600dpi, 200% scaling, jpg format - both the front and the back.

Please scan the entire mounting card, if mounted - both the front and the back, with ample margins, as above.

If there's an attribution logo or some other attribution lettering, on either the front or the back, please do an enlargement of the text or logo if possible, with ample margins, at full colour, 600dpi, 200% scaling.

Don't have a scanner? There are other options....

  • take the photo(s) to a photo shop for appropriate scanning. I may cover reasonable costs (contact me beforehand).
  • mail the photo(s) to me (my mailing address can be found through the contact link below). I'll scan each item appropriately, and return everything to you, with a reimbursement for your mailing costs (include receipts, please). Please contact me through the below link before sending anything.
  • take pictures of your photo(s) with your digital camera or phone in natural light - make the image as large and as square as possible through the viewfinder, and extend the image captured beyond the edges of the photograph or postcard. Take photos of both the front and the back, and close-ups of any logos or attribution lettering, and send them to me, either by email or through the contact link below.

Thank you!


Facts about Robert George Murduck's life, 1875-1947, can be found here. A gallery and a detailed description of all of his currently known photographs can be accessed here. All means by which Robert George Murduck is currently known to have identified his photographs can be seen here. Details about ways you can submit a copy of your photo can be found through this link.

If you have additional information about Robert George Murduck, or if you have a photograph (or photographs) which show an image of him or one of his studios, or which can be attributed to him, please ....

Contact Bruce D. Murduck   concerning any matter at all.