Robert George Murduck

Photograph No. 0035


Young Men

Volunteers Departing Exmouth

circa 1914

Murduck Photo No. 0035 - Volunteers Departing Exmouth, circa 1914Murduck Photo No. 0035 - Volunteers Departing Exmouth, circa 1914

This photograph shows a phalanx of young men, all with wide smiles, a few with cigarettes hanging from their mouths, seemingly packed and ready to go. It's presumed to have been taken later in 1914 as the young men, presumably volunteers, were heading off for basic training in the early stages of the Great War.

This photo is reputed to have been taken at the Exmouth Train Station by R G Murduck. It's very typical of the well balanced staged images that Robert George Murduck created, but there is no attribution associated with the image as I received it.

The specific date this photograph was taken is not known. A scanned image was sent to me anonymously in 2011.


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