Robert George Murduck

Photograph No. 0031


Another Unidentified Soldier

Standing, Arms Folded

[from the Sussex Regiment ?]


 Murduck Photo No. 0031 - Unidentified Soldier, Standing - Arms Folded BackMurduck Photo No. 0031 - Unidentified Soldier, Standing - Arms Folded Back

This real photo postcard shows another unidentified soldier, standing, with his arms folded to his back, in a very blank studio setting. Curiously, there are none of the typical studio props - no chair, no bench, no table, nor any other item to help support the subject during the exposure period.

This card shows the later embossed 'MURDUCK-PHOTO-EXMOUTH' attribution in the lower right corner. Unfortunately, this particular card has seen better days - it's broken at the lower right corner.

The back side shows that it's a typical postcard product.There are a number of manuscript notations on the back side, in pencil, but they appear to have been written either by a retailer or a collector of such cards. The notation read as "DEV / EXMOUTH / £2.50 / Sussex Regt", which implies that someone who previously owned this card believed that the soldier depicted was serving with the Sussex Regiment, perhaps a belief derived from the cap badge.

This image was sent to me by Ian Wright of Exmouth, in 2011. The card in Ian's collection was not postally used.


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