Robert George Murduck

Photograph No. 0020


Unidentfied Soldier on a Horse

A Real Photo Postcard

  Murduck Photo No. 0020 - Unidentified Soldier on a Horse


This is a real photo postcard from my own collection. It is in very, very poor condition - with many rips, tears, and folds. And unfortunately one of the largest tears splits the soldier's face in half.

This was not a studio shot. Clearly R G Murduck ventured to what looks like a very tight and remarkably clean stable yard. We have no idea when or where this photo was taken - although I would venture that it was probably taken closer to 1914 or 1915, than 1916 or 1917. When this image was first presented to me it was stated that "he is wearing an Imperial Service Badge above his right breast pocket - the badge was awarded to Territorial Force soldiers who volunteered to serve overseas in time of war... unfortunately his cap badge is not distinguishable".

We can see the oval embossed attribution "MURDUCK / PHOTO / EXMOUTH" in the lower right corner. The photograph itself is very high glossy. The card has not been postally used, and there are no distinguishing marks or notations on the back side.


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