Robert George Murduck

Photograph No. 0019


Phear Park, Exmouth

A Real Photo Postcard

Postmarked 1912


Murduck Photo No. 0019 - Phear Park, Exmouth, circa 1912Murduck Photo No. 0019 - Phear Park, Exmouth, circa 1912

This real photo postcard shows a picnic scene in Phear Park, Exmouth. One can just make out a group of children in the lower right, with possibly their mothers sitting in chairs in the shade of the tree above them and to the left. A pathway can be seen winding from lower left through the centre of the well framed scene.

The image is clearly identified as a "MURDUCK PHOTO", but the quality of the original scan was very poor - in fact, it looks more like a poorly executed photo taken with a phone, than a proper scanning job. The description associated with the image as I found it said it was "postmarked 1912. There is wear and blemishes (and a) postmark indentation". 

This is an image I found a few days ago while trawling for photographs at <>. I have no idea who offered it for sale (probably on ebay), or when, nor for how much it sold.

If anyone can provide me with a better scan of this card, I'd love to receive it.


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