Robert George Murduck

Photograph No. 0016


Exmouth From the Plantation

A Real Photo Postcard


 Murduck Photo No. 0016 - Exmouth from the PlantationMurduck Photo No. 0016 - Exmouth from the Plantation

The image which shows above was scanned to just barely show the 'standard' early 1900s postcard "MURDUCK PHOTO" white letter manuscript attribution on the bottom, at the right side, with the subject of the image at the left.

Here we see a photgraph taken from the high vantage point of 'The Plantation' looking west over the Clock Tower, the Esplanade, and the Seafront at Exmouth, Devonshire, circa 1910, or so.

A shallow-draft side-paddle-wheel steamship can be seen heading to port in Exmouth, centre left. This was either the P. S. Duke of Devonshire, built 1896, or it's sister ship - the P. S. Duchess of Devonshire, built in 1891. They formed the basis of the Devon Dock, Pier, and Steamship Company fleet after 1898. These ships travelled the Devon coast at least between Dartmouth and Weymouth, and may have travelled as far as Bournemouth and Portsmouth farther east in Hampshire, and as far as Plymouth and Falmouth [in Cornwall] farther west. The Duke was still sailing as of 1933, under the P & A  Campbell Steamship Company flag.

This image was found on ebay, in mid-March 2023. It was offered for sale at auction by <neil510>, starting at £2.00. It was slated to close on 21 March 2023. There is no indication as to whether this postcard was used, or not, and if used, no scan of the back side is evident. The original appears to be in quite good condition, perhaps just a bit faded, with no cracks, bends or other blemishes.


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