Robert George Murduck

Photograph No. 0014


The Seafront, Exmouth

- Another Exposure - 

A Real Photo Postcard Cancelled at Exmouth, 1913

Murduck Photo No. 0014 - The Seafront, Exmouth, view #02Murduck Photo No. 0014 - The Seafront, Exmouth, view #02

This real photo postcard image was taken from almost the very same vantage point as another photograph (see Murduck Photo No. 0010 - The Esplanade, Exmouth, circa 1911).

When the image copy above was sent to me it was noted that the postcard had been postally used and was postmarked in 1913. This image has, to my eye, all of the earmarks of a photograph which was probably taken on 22 June 1911 - the day of King George V's coronation in Westminster Abbey, London.

There were great celebrations in Exmouth on that day - see Murduck Photo No. 0013 for a remarkable photograph of the expansive sit-down dinner that took place in Phear Park. The people in the photograph above are not dressed for a leisurely day at the beach - they seem, for the most part, to be in high dress, as would have befitted a Coronation celebration.

This image shows the 'standard' "MURDUCK PHOTO" attribution at the bottom right, and the subject matter at the bottom left, in white manuscript lettering. This image was very kindly provided by Ian Wright of Exmouth, in 2006.


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