Robert George Murduck

Photograph No. 0013


Coronation Dinner

Phear Park, Exmouth

22 June 1911


A Real Photo Postcard

Murduck Photo No. 0013 - George V Coronation Dinner, Phear Park, Exmouth, 1911Murduck Photo No. 0013 - George V Coronation Dinner, Phear Park, Exmouth, 1911

This is a remarkable photograph. It's a real photo postcard with R G Murduck's manuscript "MURDUCK PHOTO" attribution in white lettering along the bottom of the photo.

It was taken on the 22nd of June 1911, in Phear Park, Exmouth. The occasion was a celebration of the Coronation of King George V in Westminster Abbey, London.

The challenge of depth of field, of lighting, of movement, of elevation above the sea of bodies in the park .... Remarkable!

This image was pulled from a now defunct site in 1997. It was last seen in May of 2006. It's included here for informative purposes only.

If anyone knows anything about the current disposition of the original postcard, I'd like to know about it. If anyone can provide a higher quality image of this card, I would love to receive it.

The following image, said to be a photograph by R G Murduck, was published in an unknown book several years ago. It was scanned and sent to me by an anonymous collector of Murduck photos. The attribution was cut off when published and therefore when scanned, but the tops of the letters can just be seen at the bottom. This shows a close-up of one of the long tables at the Coronation Dinner in Phear Park on 22 June 1911.

Murduck Photo No. 0013 - Close-up, Coronation  Dinner, Phear Park, Exmouth, 22 June 1911

See Murduck Photo No. 0014 - The Seafront, Exmouth, View No. 2, for what was probably another image taken by Robert George Murduck in Exmouth on Coronation Day in 1911.


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