Robert George Murduck

Photograph No. 0012


The Swift Duo

a comedic acrobatic cycling pair

A Real Photo Postcard


 Murduck Photo No. 0012 - The Swift Duo, a comedic cycling acrobatic pairMurduck Photo No. 0012 - The Swift Duo, a comedic acrobatic cycling pair

This appears to be one of R G Murduck's intermediate period promotional cards. It's an arrangement of eight photographs on postcard stock. Note the embossed oval "MURDUCK - PHOTO - EXMOUTH" attribution in the lower right corner.

When a version of this card was initially sent to me by Ian Wright of Exmouth, in 2006 it was said to have been postally used, with a message and postmark on the back side indicating that it had been mailed in 1913, but an image of the back side has not been seen.

The card image shown above is in visually better condition than the one that was initially sent to me. This one was offered for sale at auction through ebay in early April, 2023 [seller: <neil510>]. The starting bid on 4 April was £2.00, with shipping to Canada quoted at £26.74!

Almost nothing is known about the 'Swift Duo'. When they were slated to perform at the Grand Theatre and Hippodrome in Leek during the week of 31 December, 1910, it was reported that they were a pair of 'clever acrobatic comedy cyclists' [The Era (London, England), 31 December 1910, Page 9]. The pair were billed as attractions at many places in England between 1908 and 1914, so it appears as if the Great War curtailed their performances.

They must have performed in Exmouth, or perhaps in Exeter, at some point in time, where R G Murduck captured photographs of them and composed this card, but no mention of such an engagement has been found.


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