Robert George Murduck

Photograph No. 0010


The Esplanade, Exmouth

A Postcard Cancelled at Exmouth, 1911

 Murduck Photo No. 0010 - The Esplanade, Exmouth, crica 1911 frontMurduck Photo No. 0010 - The Esplanade, Exmouth, crica 1911 front

This is another example of a photograph printed to postcard stock. The image shows a broad view of the Esplanade at the seafront at Exmouth, with a view to the north-east. The Clock Tower can be seen at the left side, then The Parade, or what became The Esplanade. Further to the right are the beach sands, and the sea is to the extreme right. Murduck's white letter hand-written attribution can be seen in the bottom right.

Clothing styles suggest a photograph exposed in the Edwardian period. The photo appears to have been taken on a bright day, but not an overly sunny day - there are no really visible shadows, although some of the women appear to be carrying umbrellas as was the style in that era.

The photograph above is faded, and shows the usual signs of age and wear, especially at the rounded corners. 

Another example of this image - also a postcard, has been seen. This other example has been sepia toned, so appears quite 'yellowish' rather than 'black & white'. This other image is very crisp, showing almost no signs of fading or wear.

Murduck Photo No. 0010 - The Esplanade, Exmouth - sepia tonedMurduck Photo No. 0010 - The Esplanade, Exmouth - sepia toned








 The postcard shown at the top was postally used, as the image of the back side shows below. 

Murduck Photo No. 0010 - The Esplanade, Exmouth - circa 1911, back

The message on this postcard was written in Russian using black ink, and the card was addressed to a location in Moscow. The one penny stamp paid the foreign postcard rate in effect at the time - the rate had been in effect since 1 October 1891. The stamp was cancelled at Exmouth on 18 June 1911, just four days before the extensive celebrations on the Coronation of King George V on the 22nd. The card appears to have been received in Moscow a short time later. The sender has placed an 'X' on the front of the card, with a notation, apparently also in Russian.

For another view similar to this one, labelled as 'The Seafront', taken from the same vantage point as these ones, see Murduck Photo No. 0014 - The Seafront, Exmouth - View No. 2. The image in Photo No. 0014 was probably taken on the 22nd of June 1911 - the day of celebration in Exmouth on the Coronation of King George V.


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