Robert George Murduck

Photograph No. 0007


The Countess Weir Bridge


circa 1905


A Real Photo Postcard

Postmarked at Exmouth, 1913

 Murduck Photo No. 0007 - Countess Weir Bridge, ExmouthMurduck Photo No. 0007 - Countess Weir Bridge, Exmouth


This photograph shows the Countess Weir Bridge [also known as the Countess Wear Bridge] on the Exe River between Exeter and Topsham. The first bridge was built in the 13th century. This photo shows the enlarged central arch, created in 1842 to allow larger boats and barges to pass under the bridge. At the time this photograph was taken, the bridge was 13 feet 7 inches wide. It was widened to 45 feet to allow two-way motorized traffic along with a pair of footpaths between 1935 and 1938 [for more details about the bridge see].

The original image was printed to postcard stock, and the original postcard with this image was postally used - the offset impression of the outer ring of a postmark can be seen in the upper left. The reverse side of this card has not been seen, but it was reported to have a 1913 Exmouth postmark cancelling the stamp. This image was very kindly provided by Ian Wright of Exmouth, in 2006.

This card has R G Murduck's hand written 'MURDUCK PHOTO' attribution along the bottom edge, at the right. with 'COUNTESS WEIR BRIDGE' on the left.

R G Murduck is known to have displayed a photograph of this bridge in his studio window in mid-July, 1905 [Exmouth Journal, 22 July 1905, Page 5]. It may well have been a larger version of this image that he displayed.


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