Robert George Murduck

Photograph No. 0004


Frederick George Aflalo's

Bear Head Trophies

Photographed circa 1905


Murduck Photo No. 0004 - Aflalo's Good Bear HeadMurduck Photo No. 0004

Aflalo's Good Bear Head

Murduck Photo No. 0004 - Aflalo's Best Bear HeadMurduck Photo No. 0004

Aflalo's Best Bear Head 

Murduck Photo No. 0004 - Aflalo's Bear Pelt TrophyMurduck Photo No. 0004 - Aflalo's Bear Pelt Trophy

These 3 photographs were found in a book that was published in 1905: "The Sports of the World, With Illustrations from Drawings and Photographs". The sportsman author was Frederick George Aflalo (1870-1918). The publisher was Cassell, in London, Paris & New York. These photographs and accompanying text were found on Pages 275 through 277. The book is also accessible through the <Internet Archive>, but the image quality is poor. 

The bear head above left was supposedly once a Norwegian bear. The text suggests that the bear, from which the pelt pictured above was taken, was 9 feet 3 inches in length, tip of it's nose to tip of it's tail, and 6 feet wide across the centre of it's back.

There is nothing in the text of the book which indicates where the items shown above were photographed by Robert George Murduck. 

Frederick George Alfalo was apparently (according to very sparse information found at <>) a British naturalist and writer.


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