Robert George Murduck

Photograph No. 0002


John 'The Ferryman' Carder

Exmouth, circa 1913

Murduck Photo No. 0002 - John 'The Ferryman' Carder, died Exmouth 1913Murduck Photo No. 0002 - John 'The Ferryman' Carder, died Exmouth 1913

This real photo postcard, identified by Robert George Murduck as showing "John The Ferryman, Exmouth", was unquestionably taken before the end of January, 1913. It appears to be another of Murduck's stock postcard photos - it shows the manuscript 'MURDUCK PHOTO' on the bottom of the image, at the right.


John the Ferryman was John Carder. He died by drowning in Exmouth in the late evening on Saturday, 25 January 1913, when he was 72 years old. After the alarm had been raised that John was missing, his bowler hat was found floating near the Dock in Exmouth, and his body was found nearby. His death was registered in the Saint Thomas Registration District in Volume 5b, Page 38. He was apparently survived by 2 sons. John apparently worked as a ferryman at Exmouth from about 1870.

An extensive story about the incident surrounding his death, and finding his body, was published in The Devon and Exeter Gazette on Monday 27 January (Page 6). Another story appeared in the Western Times under the byline "Exmouth Tragedy" on the same day (Page 2).

When passed to me, it was noted that the postcard showing above had been used, and that there was a postmark on the back dating it's use to 1913 (but I have not seen evidence of this). This image was very kindly provided by Ian Wright of Exmouth, in 2006. Ian is one of John Carder's great-grandsons.


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