Robert George Murduck

Photograph No. 0001


William Alfred Murduck


Elizabeth Rosina Syrus

A wedding photo, 1902

  Murduck Photo No. 0001 - Willliam Alfred Murduck and Elizabeth Rosina Syrus, 1902Murduck Photo No. 0001 - Willliam Alfred Murduck and Elizabeth Rosina Syrus, 1902

This is a photograph which Robert George Murduck took in St Leonard / Hastings, East Sussex, England, on 31 March 1902, on the occasion of his younger brother William 'Will' Alfred Murduck's marriage to Elizabeth Rosina 'Rose' Syrus. Will was 25 years old, Rose was 24.

The original wedding photograph was rather large, perhaps 10" x 7", or so, mounted on a thick grey card. The author photographed the original photograph quickly, in poor lighting conditions, on another relative's kitchen counter, with a small format 35mm camera using colour film, while on a trip around England in 1998. Regretably, he neglected to obtain a shot of both the front and the back of the entire mounting card. The front of the card probably shows an embossed attribution in the lower right corner. The original photograph was not in the best of condition, with some foxing and stains. The card had more than the usual bumps and damage at the corners and along the edges. And it was curling from damp storage. It also had the appearance of having been stored in an acidic paper envelope - more than likely the one which Robert George had inserted it in to prior to giving it to Will. The bottom corner of the photo was beginning to curl up from the mounting card. All-in-all, though, it was in great shape for it's age - with only a few very detrimental chemical stains.

The label showing below was affixed to the middle of the back side of the mounting card.

 Murduck Photo No. 0001 - attribution label backside





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