Robert George Murduck


A Photographer in England

 circa 1897 to 1936


-  His Photographs  -


Two ways are available to access all of the currently known photographic images made by Robert George Murduck

First is a gallery of all known images - see the link to the left (below, on small and medium sized screens). 

Second is a list presenting fine details about each of the presently known photographs made by Robert George Murduck.

If you identify a photo of interest in the gallery, note the 'Murduck Photo No.', return to this page, and access the detailed listing of all known photographs through the link to the left (or below), and scroll down until you find the relevant 'Murduck Photo No.'. Click on that for pertinent details about the photograph and the scene.

Neither the gallery nor the list are exhaustive - these describe only the photos that have come to my attention. And, the photos shown here are only the ones that I've had time to upload so far. My collection has grown to around 200 distinct images.

The numbering sequences utilized are of no significance - the numbers were simply assigned by myself as photographs came to my attention.

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Facts about Robert George Murduck's life, 1875-1947, can be found here. A gallery and a detailed description of all of his currently known photographs can be accessed here. All means by which Robert George Murduck is currently known to have identified his photographs can be seen here. Details about ways you can submit a copy of your photo can be found through this link.

If you have additional information about Robert George Murduck, or if you have a photograph (or photographs) which show an image of him or one of his studios, or which can be attributed to him, please ....

Contact Bruce D. Murduck   concerning any matter at all.