Robert George Murduck


A Photographer in England

 Details About His Life


1875 - 1947


Elements of Robert George Murduck's life between 1875 and 1947 can be sub-divided in to four blocks of time. These are delineated on the left (or below on smaller screens).


Facts about Robert George Murduck's life, 1875-1947, can be found here. A gallery and a detailed description of all of his currently known photographs can be accessed here. All means by which Robert George Murduck is currently known to have identified his photographs can be seen here. Details about ways you can submit a copy of your photo can be found through this link.

If you have additional information about Robert George Murduck, or if you have a photograph (or photographs) which show an image of him or one of his studios, or which can be attributed to him, please ....

Contact Bruce D. Murduck   concerning any matter at all.