Robert George Murduck


A Photographer in England

circa 1897 to 1936


-  His Life and His Photographs  -


Robert George Murduck was a photographer known to have worked commercially in England between about 1897 and 1936. He worked under the tag line 'R G Murduck', and many of his stock real photo postcards are identified by a white-letter manuscript label as a 'MURDUCK PHOTO'.

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Born in the Parish of Hackney (Greater London) in 1875, he moved with his family to Hastings (Sussex County) around 1888. There he apprenticed to a local professional photographer who's name is not known today.

By 1897 he was in Exmouth, Devonshire, and there his skill and business flourished.

Apparently posted to Yorkshire during the Great War, he remained there and moved to Elland in West Yorkshire around 1922. He had a small, unassuming studio on the Huddersfield Road in Elland, in front of his home. He retired from professional photography around 1935 or 1936, and he died in Elland in 1947.

His body of work is significant and extensive. One student of early 1900s English photography has suggested that Murduck's work is as, or perhaps even more, important for the south coast of Devonshire area in this period than the extraordinarily large collection of Frith photographs.


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