Projects Completed in 2020

Searching for Later Traces of a Boy Born in Brockville, Ont., 1902

The facts as presented: An Ontario provincial birth registration showed that a boy was born near Brockville, Leeds & Grenville County, Ontario, in mid-Feb 1902. His mother and father were identified by name. But, all traces of the boy and his parents between 1902 and 1921, when the boy was enumerated within an older couple's household many miles away, were unknown. The "boy's" life after 1921 was well documented. When the boy married in the home of the older couple on Amherst Island in the 1930s, he gave his mother's full name as something different than his birth registration showed.

The challenge: Could anything more be discovered about the boy's life between 1902 and 1921, and, could any facts be unearthed about either of the boy's parents?

 The results: Over the course of several months, the boy's birth in 1902 was found to have been remarked as having been 'illegitimate'. An early candidate to be the boy's mother was identified in an Athens, Ontario,  Census of Canada schedule from 1911. Her origins were recorded as 'USA', and subsequent investigation confirmed her identity and circumstances at the time of the birth. A great deal of tangential and considered sleuthing eventually established the circumstances of the boy in 1911, who had been separated from his mother for some time. Additional investigation highlighted the family of a youth who had also been enumerated with the boy in the older couple's household in 1921, to the extent that common circumstances were established for both boys in the years leading up to 1921. Baptismal records for both boys were found in registers at the Anglican Diocese of Ontario Archives, dated probably from the time of their arrival at the older couple's household. But, there things stuck. After a great deal of investigation, my conclusion was that the mother may have misrepresented her maiden surname when the boy was born, and that the father's name as provided at the time the birth was registered was in all likelihood fictitious. No traces of the mother were found anywhere in Canadian or American records after 1911, under any combination or variation of the names and other details that were known for her.

The response: Thank you so much!! for all your work on our behalf... we could never have done this without you.

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