A Photographic Image of Thomas Orr, Grocer of Belfast, 1815-1901

Thomas ORR was born somewhere in Antrim County, Ireland, in about 1815. Details about his birth year, and his place of birth are known only from an 1851 Census of Ireland Census Extract (found in a daughter's Pension Application File), from the 1901 Census of Ireland schedule were details about him were recorded, and from his 1901 Irish death registration record.

Thomas was married to Mary DUNLOP, probably in 1844 - we say probably, because their oldest known child, Elizabeth ORR, was born in 1845. But no record of their marriage can be found in civil marriage registry records, which, for non-Protestants, began on 1 April 1845.

Mary [nee Dunlop] Orr died in Belfast in 1868, and only one son is known to have survived to adulthood - a boy named Edward, born in about 1860.

The photograph shown below is the only verifiable likeness of Thomas Orr and his son Edward that is known. The provenance of this photograph is impeccable. This photograph was undoubtedly taken within a few years of Mary [nee Dunlop] Orr's death.

 orr thomas ex falconer 100dpi front


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