- A Collection of Photographs -

Thomas & Mary [nee Dunlop] Orr



The photographs contained within this collection pertain to the descendants of Thomas ORR and his wife Mary DUNLOP.

Thomas Orr and Mary Dunlop were married somewhere in Northern Ireland (probably in County Antrim, perhaps near Portrush), probably in the late 1843-1844 period (their first known child - Elizabeth, was born in early 1845). By the time of the 1851 Census of Ireland enumeration, they were living in south-west Belfast, County Antrim, in what is now Northern Ireland.

The photographs appearing in this collection have been acquired from various sources. Two individuals have provided several directly. But most have been found on various sites on the internet, downloaded, saved, and presented here. In all cases, wherever it's been possible, attempts have been made to ascertain each photo's point of origin prior to obtaining the copy.

One photograph in particular is presented individually - a remarkable, small 'carte-de-visite', which shows Thomas Orr and his son Edward, in about 1870, or so.

And the article Photographs of Mary Anne [nee ORR] RODGERS 1854 - 1920 [aka Mary Ann ROGERS] presents and discusses four photographs of this woman, one of which is also a small 'carte-de-visite' taken by the same photographer in Belfast as the one which shows Thomas Orr and his son Edward, which was perhaps taken at about the same time.

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  • Mary_Anne_nee_Orr_Rodgers_reputedly
  • Thomas-Orr-and-son-Edward-by-Plimmer-of-Belfast-circa-1870_jef
  • Thomas-Orr-and-son-Edward-memorial-stone-balmoral-cemetery-belfast-1901-and-1906_aoh
  • mary-anne-nee-orr-rodgers-standing-with-sisters-jane-mccutcheon__margaret-ledgerwood
  • mary-anne-orr-by-t-plimmer-circa-1870
  • mary-anne-rodgers-and-family-circa-1900-1903

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