Orr Family Photograph Collection

The photographs contained within this collection pertain to the descendants of Thomas Orr and Mary Dunlop. Thomas Orr and Mary Dunlop were married somewhere in Northern Ireland (perhaps in County Antrim?), probably in the 1840-1844 period. By the time of the 1851 Census of Ireland enumeration, they were living in south-west Belfast, County Antrim, in what is now Northern Ireland.

The photographs in this collection have been acquired from various sources. Amanda Orr Heather provided one. But most have been found on various sites on the internet, copied and downloaded, and reproduced here. In all cases, wherever it's been possible, I've tried to ascertain each photo's point of origin prior to my obtaining the copy, and I've added a code for the name and details of the person who posted it prior to my copying/downloading to the filename. 

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