The Family of Thomas ORR & Mary DUNLOP

of Belfast, Ireland


Renowned Grocer & Spirit Dealer at Clink Hill


Thomas ORR and Mary DUNLOP were married somewhere in Northern Ireland (perhaps near Londonderry?), probably in the 1840-1845 period. By the time of the 1851 Census of Ireland enumeration, they were living just south-west of Belfast, County Antrim, in what is now Northern Ireland. From about 1856, Thomas was a spirit dealer / grocer whose establishment was at Clink Hill in Malone, now a suburb of Belfast (where today's 'Botanic Inn' is located). Mary [nee Dunlop] Orr died in Belfast in 1868. Thomas Orr died in Belfast in 1901, at his daughter Jane McCUTCHEON's home, having for a few years prior to his death lived in Lancashire, England, with his daughter Margaret LEDGERWOOD. Several sons and daughters are known to have predeceased Mary [nee Dunlop] Orr as youngsters. Four daughters and one son (Edward - read about him here) are known to have survived Mary, and lived in to adulthood. One of the daughters - Elizabeth, married to John JOHNSTON in Belfast in 1864, died in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, in 1889 (read about John & Elizabeth here).

An extract of part of an 1851 Census of Ireland schedule pertaining to Thomas & Mary's daughter Jane suggests that Thomas was born in Antrim County in about 1815. The same 1851 Census extract suggests that Mary was also born in Antrim County, in about 1825. Detailed research suggests that Mary Dunlop may have been the daughter of Thomas Dunlop and perhaps his wife named Elizabeth. Thomas Dunlop is known to have lived and farmed in the Townland of Cloghorr, Parish of Ballywillin, Antrim County (near Portrush), and it's suspected that his wife / Mary's mother died some time before 1851.

Autosomal DNA evidence suggests fairly strongly that Thomas Orr may have been the son of a couple named William and Mary Orr. There is also a strong DNA suggestion that Thomas may have also had a sister named Elizabeth who married Stewart RICHMOND, and then moved to New Zealand in the 1860s.

A remarkable 'carte-de-visite' style photograph exists, dating from about 1870 or so, which shows Thomas Orr and his son Edward.

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