ORR is a surname that had it's origins in Scotland. And, following the plantation of Scots by the English to Northern Ireland in the mid-1600s, the surname has a strong prominence in what is today Northern Ireland. While there's an interest in all ORRs, this particular site grapples principally with the study of the origins, relations, and descendants of Thomas ORR (died 1901) and his wife Mary DUNLOP (died 1868) of Belfast, Ireland.

Thomas ORR was born somewhere in Antrim County, Ireland, in about 1815. Details about his birth year, and his place of birth are known only from an 1851 Census of Ireland Census Extract (found in a daughter's Pension Application File), from the 1901 Census of Ireland schedule were details about him were recorded, and from his 1901 Irish death registration record.

Thomas was married to Mary DUNLOP, probably in 1844 - we say probably, because their oldest known child, Elizabeth ORR, was born in 1845. But no record of their marriage can be found in civil marriage registry records, which, for non-Protestants, began on 1 April 1845.

Mary [nee Dunlop] Orr died in Belfast in 1868, and only one son is known to have survived to adulthood - a boy named Edward, born in about 1860.

The photograph shown below is the only verifiable likeness of Thomas Orr and his son Edward that is known. The provenance of this photograph is impeccable. This photograph was undoubtedly taken within a few years of Mary [nee Dunlop] Orr's death.

 orr thomas ex falconer 100dpi front


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Thomas ORR is believed to have been born somewhere within County Antrim, Ireland, around 1817. He was married in about 1843 or 1844 to Mary DUNLOP, and several children followed (and died) until her death in Belfast in 1868. Thomas found work in the late 1840s and early 1850s as a 'road master' or 'road overseer' in Malone, just south of Belfast, and during this period he and Mary were associated with the Balmoral Presbyterian Church in Malone. By at least 1858, and until he sold his business and retired in the late 1880s, Thomas ran a grocery and spirit dealer's enterprise on the Malone Road opposite the Botanic Gardens on Clink Hill.

Thomas ORR wrote his Last Will and Testament1 on the 7th of October 1897. At that time he was living within the household of his son-in-law and daughter, Hugh and Margaret LEDGERWOOD, at 239 Dalton Road, Barrow in Furness, Lancashire, England. Hugh Ledgerwood, himself also a grocer, was appointed as the sole Executor and Trustee of the Estate. Witnesses to Thomas's signature on the Will were Frank W Taylor and Arthur E Nicholson, both clerks to Frank Taylor, solicitor of Barrow in Furness.

Thomas ORR and Mary DUNLOP were married somewhere in Northern Ireland (perhaps near Londonderry?), probably in the 1840-1845 period. By the time of the 1851 Census of Ireland enumeration, they were living in south-west Belfast, County Antrim, in what is now Northern Ireland. Mary Orr died in Belfast in 1868. Thomas was a spirit dealer / grocer whose establishment was at Clink Hill in Malone, now a suburb of Belfast. Thomas Orr died in Belfast in 1901, having prior to his death for some time lived in Lancashire, England, with his daughter Margaret Ledgerwood.

The photographs contained within this collection pertain to the descendants of Thomas Orr and Mary Dunlop. Thomas Orr and Mary Dunlop were married somewhere in Northern Ireland (perhaps in County Antrim?), probably in the 1840-1844 period. By the time of the 1851 Census of Ireland enumeration, they were living in south-west Belfast, County Antrim, in what is now Northern Ireland.

The photographs in this collection have been acquired from various sources. Amanda Orr Heather provided one. But most have been found on various sites on the internet, copied and downloaded, and reproduced here. In all cases, wherever it's been possible, I've tried to ascertain each photo's point of origin prior to my obtaining the copy, and I've added a code for the name and details of the person who posted it prior to my copying/downloading to the filename. 

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