The Family of Phillip & Elizabeth (nee LesVelet) Jeune

Both Phillip JEUNE and his wife Elizabeth LesVELET were born in St. Helier on the British Channel Island of Jersey. Phillip was principally a sailor, and at the outbreak of war between the United States of America and Great Briitain in 1812, the ship on which Phillip was sailing was captured by the first American fleet out of Boston after war had been declared. His ship was bound for Newfoundland, having departed from London. Phillip and the rest of the crew on his ship - the Neptune, were transported to Boston harbour, where they were detained for several weeks. Phillip and his crew members - (the British ones, that is, the American men had been commandeered to serve in an American ship) were ultimately exchanged for captured American sailors, and by cartel from Boston were transported to Newfoundland.

Later in life, while managing the Union Hotel in St. Helier, Jersey, which his wife owned by inheritance from her father, Eli LesVelet, Phillip remarked on the excellent time he had spent in Boston as a guest of the Americans.

One of Phillip and Elizabeth's sons was Edwin. Edwin was trained for seafaring, but opted instead for clerical work. In the 1870s, while working as a clerk for one of the Jersey interests that extracted fish and other resources from Quebec's Baie des Chaleurs, he met and married a girl who had been born in New Carlisle on the south shore of the Gaspe Peninsula - Martha Jane ALLEN (for more about Edwin & Martha Jane, please see the article "The Family of Edwin & Martha Jane (nee Allen) Jeune").