The Family of Edwin Jeune


his Wife

Martha Jane Allen


Edwin JEUNE was born in the Parish of St Helier, on the British Channel Island of Jersey, on 4 January 1843 [although his son reported a birth date of 5 January 1842, when Edwin died in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in 1929]. Edwin was the son of Philip & Elizabeth [nee Le VESLET] Jeune (he was the 9th of 10 children; An older child also named Edwin was born and died in St Helier in 1839). It's possible that Edwin was schooled in the seafaring arts when he was 10 or 11 (read about his application for admission to the Royal Hospital School, Greenwich, here). Edwin took up clerical work in his 20s, and by about 1874 he was working at Paspebiac, on the south shore of Quebec's Gaspe Peninsula, on the Robin & Company payroll. There he met, and on 18 November 1874, he married a girl named Martha Jane ALLEN [a daughter of Samuel William & Nancy [nee YOUNG] Allen]. Soon after marriage, Edwin & Martha moved first to Montreal, then to a mining community in Quebec's Eastern Townships, near Sherbrooke.

Three children are known from the marriage

  • Annie Louisa, born in Montreal in 1876
  • Aubrey Edwin Havelock, born in Montreal in 1877, and
  • Katie Maud, born near Sherbrooke in 1880.

By about 1890, the family was living in Toronto, and there Annie Louisa met and married William Thomas Alexander JOHNSTON (see The Family of William Thomas Alexander & Annie Louisa [nee Jeune] Johnston).

Three photographs which show likenesses of Edwin Jeune are known, each of them which also show images of Martha Jane. Read about them here. Most of these photographs appear to have been taken in the very late 1910s or the very early 1920s. Several more photographs show likenesses of Martha Jane [nee Allen] Jeune, in the company of various other relations. Most of these appear to have been taken in the 1920s or very early 1930s. Read about them here.

Edwin was admitted to St Joseph's Hospital in Toronto early in May, 1929, and died there 3 weeks later. Martha Jane survived another six years, and died at the home of one of her granddaughters (Minnie Louise [nee Johnston] PICKARD), in an eastern suburb of Toronto (Birchcliff) in 1935.

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