Martha Jane [nee Allen] Jeune

the wife of

Edwin Jeune


Three photographs only are known which show likenesses of Edwin JEUNE. All three are 'amateur' style family snapshots. They each show him in the company of his wife Martha Jane [nee ALLEN] Jeune, and others. You can see and read about them here.

Photographs which show likenesses of Martha Jane [nee Allen] Jeune by herself, or with others without her husband, are more common.

Martha Jane Allen was born near New Carlisle, Quebec, in 1853. She married there in 1874, and moved to Toronto, Ontario, with 3 children, via Montreal and Sherbrooke, around 1891. She died in Toronto in 1935.

The photo below is rather complimentary and striking.


 jeune martha nd 001 100dpi













The image on the left came to me as a scanned, 'restored', and printed photo from a descendant of Martha Jane's in 2001. No sense of date can be assigned to this photograph, other than to suggest that it was probably taken some time before 1920.

The small image on the right came to me as a very low resolution scanned image, from another source, from someone who is not a descendant of Martha Jane's. This additional photograph shows that the original image from the left was taken by a professional photographer - H J Fleming, of 642 Yonge Street in Toronto. Harry James FLEMING operated a photographic studio at 642 Yonge Street in Toronto, from late 1912 or early 1913, until some time in 1925. The studio was on the west side of Yonge, between St Joseph and Irwin Streets, about 4 blocks north of the Eaton's department store at College and Yonge Streets.



The rest of the known photographs of Martha Jane [nee Allen] Jeune are ‘daily life’ types of amateur photographic images. Her likeness was captured at one moment or another, with little regard for setting or exposure, as the examples below show. No attempt has been made to 'restore' or 'fix' any of the images as they were received.


jeune martha nd 002 100dpi


The example shown on the left above, captioned 'my boat', unquestionably shows part of Alwyn Pickard on the left, and Martha Jane on the right. Alwyn was born in about 1916. He was the son of Samuel and Minnie Louise [nee Johnston] Pickard, and he joined Canada's naval force during World War II.

The image on the right appears to be captioned 'Bert Jeune'. This, in all probability, is a photo of Martha Jane and her grandson Alfred Herbert 'Bert' Jeune, born in Toronto in 1907, the son of Martha Jane's only son, Aubrey Edwin Havelock Jeune, and his wife Maude Alice McLim.

Both of these images came to me in 2001, from the same source as the larger of the professional images shown at the top, but as direct scans of one of Alwyn's photo album pages to print, with no intermediary 'fixing'.


The four images below may have beeen taken about the same time as the one above which shows Martha Jane and her grandson Bert Jeune - certainly the border on 3 of the original prints duplicated below suggests development at the same time, perhaps also around the same time as the 'boat' image above. Martha appears to be wearing the same dress and necklace in each of the four photos below, as in the one further above, right, with Bert Jeune. Bert Jeune's appearance in two photos, and the background structure in both, strongly suggests photos that were taken at about the same time. The background vegetation seen in 3 of the photos below suggests that they were all taken in the same place, perhaps within minutes of each other. Minnie Pickard's appearance in 2 photos also suggests that the photos were taken at the same time. The notion that the photos showing Bert Jeune were taken round the same time as the rest, is amplified by the appearance of the young girl in a photo with Bert Jeune, and in one with Minnie Pickard.

The image in the upper left quadrant below came to me in 2001 as a scanned and 'restored' print from Alwyn Pickard's son. The images in the upper right and lower quadrants below came to me later, from the same source, at the same time, as the smaller of the professional images which shows above. These three are of highly variable quality and resolution, unfortunately. 


 Martha Jane Jeune with John James Johnston and Alwyn Pickard

 Martha Jane Jeune, grandson Bert Jeune and 3 young Pickard girls

 Martha Jane Jeune, Minnie Pickard, Elizabeth Orr Johnston Speakman and child

 Martha Jane Jeune, Minnie Johnston Pickard and infant


The image in the upper left quadrant above shows Martha Jane Jeune flanked by her grandson John James 'Jack' Johnston, on her right (the viewer's left), and her great grandson Alwyn Pickard on her left. Jack Johnston was Minnie Louise [nee Johnston] Pickard's youngest full brother, born in 1905, the son of William Thomas Alexander Johnston and his wife Annie Louisa Jeune. Alwyn Pickard was the second child and only son of Samuel and Minnie Louise [nee Johnston] Pickard, born in 1916. This photo was unquestionably taken in the same place and at the same time as the images in the lower quadrants.

The image in the upper right quadrant (of very poor quality) above shows Martha Jane Jeune beside her grandson Bert Jeune, with 3 girls also in the photo - probably Pickard girls, but whether Mary, Alice, Lois, or Joyce, is not presently known. Based on body position, sun lighting, and so on, it appears as if this photo was taken within minutes of the one which shows further above.

The image in the lower left quadrant above shows Martha Jane Jeune flanked on the viewer's left by her granddaughter Minnie Louise [nee Johnston] Pickard and on the right by Elizabeth Orr [nee Johnston] SPEAKMAN. The young girl in the foreground is the same girl who was in the foreground with Bert Jeune, in the photo in the upper right quadrant. Elizabeth Orr [nee Johnston] Speakman was the younger sister of Minnie Louise [nee Johnston] Pickard's father William Thomas Alexander Johnston. She lived in Hamilton, Ontario, but must have travelled to Birchcliff for a special occasion at some point in time.

The image in the lower right quadrant shows Martha Jane Jeune with Minnie Louise [nee Johnston] Pickard. The infant in Minnie's arm may be her youngest daughter Dorothy. If so, then the girls pictured with Bert Jeune in the upper right quadrant could be Alice, Lois and/or Joyce.

The six 'snapshot' images presented above may date from after Edwin Jeune's death in 1929.

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