Edwin Jeune

and his wife

Martha Jane [nee Allen] Jeune


Photographic images which show a likeness of Edwin JEUNE are scarce. Only three photographs are known, all 'amateur' photos, more than likely taken in the 1920s. Each of these show Edwin along with his wife Martha Jane [nee Allen] Jeune, and others.

More images of his wife, Martha Jane [nee ALLEN] Jeune are known, also probably dating from the 1920s. All but one of these images are also 'amateur' photographs. These other images show Martha Jane with others, but not with her husband present.



jeune edwin martha circa 1921 001 100dpi


The setting for the photograph shown above was most likely the back yard of Minnie & Samuel PICKARD’s home at 121 Queensbury Ave, in Birchcliff, a suburb in the eastern part of the City of Toronto. Based on the people shown in the photograph, and their imagined ages, it seems likely that this photo was taken in the spring or summer of 1921, just 8 years before Edwin died. This image shows, it is currently believed, Alwyn Pickard (1916-1981) standing on the viewer's left, with Edwin Jeune (1843-1929) seated at Alwyn's left. Standing behind is Minnie Louse [nee JOHNSTON] Pickard (1892-1977). Standing to Edwin's left is Mary Pickard (born about 1919), with Martha Jane [nee Allen] Jeune (1853-1935) seated to Mary's left, and Margaret Pickard (1913-1985) standing to Martha Jane's left.

Minnie Louise [nee Johnston] Pickard was Edwin & Martha Jane's oldest grandchild - she was the oldest child of Edwin and Martha Jane’s oldest daughter, Annie Louisa [nee Jeune] Johnston, who died in Toronto in 1905. Minnie Louise was married to Sam Pickard in August of 1911.

This image came to me as a scanned and ‘restored’ print, from Alwyn Pickard’s son Ken through his mother, Alwyn's wife Kay, in 2001. The creases and cracks visible in the copy were apparently in the original photograph when it was scanned.

The structure in the background is more than likely the small shed that Martha lived in prior to her death in 1935, while the Pickards lived in the main house on Queensbury Avenue.



The next two photographs which show likenesses of Edwin Jeune are more difficult to date and locate. Both of these photographs came to me as digital copies from a descendant of Edwin & Martha Jane Jeune's son Aubrey Edwin Havelock Jeune, in 2014.


Edwin & Martha Jane Jeune, with Alice Maud Jeune and her son Aubrey Edward, and daughter Alice and her husband


The above photograph shows Edwin Jeune (1843-1929), hatless, on the viewer's left, with Alice Maud [nee McLIM] Jeune (1875-1961; Edwin & Martha Jane's son Aubrey Edwin Havelock Jeune's first wife) in front and to Edwin's left. Next at the front is Martha Jane [nee Allen] Jeune (1853-1935), then Alice Maud's daughter Maud Alice Jeune (1904-1963). In the background is Alice Maud's oldest son, Aubrey Edward Jeune (1902-1956), wearing what appears to be a felt homberg style hat (Homberg style hats faded from fashionable in the mid-1920s, being replaced by fedora styles. See for an excellent overview of mens' hat styles in the 1920s). Standing on the viewer's extreme right, behind Maud Alice Jeune, is a man who was initially identified as Ed STACKHOUSE (Maud Alice was married to Harris Oliver STONEHOUSE in Toronto on 26 September 1925).

The setting for the photograph is not known, although the people shown appear to be standing under a chestnut tree on a lawn in a residential neighbourhood.

It's not reasonably possible to date this photograph, either, although both Edwin and Martha Jane appear to be younger in this photograph than in either of the other two that are known. With the identity of the man behind Maud Alice Jeune as being Ed Stackhouse, this photograph may predate the time of Maud Alice's marriage to Harris Oliver Stonehouse in late September 1925. Aubrey Edward Jeune was married in 1921, and because no spouse is evident in this photograph, this image may in fact predate 1921. The leaves evident on the chestnut tree suggest that the photo was taken in summer.



jeune edwin martha jane ex tse Martha Jane Maud Edwin


The above photograph also shows Edwin Jeune and his wife Martha Jane, flanking their son Aubrey Edwin Havelock Jeune’s first wife, Alice Maud McLim.

It’s more difficult to date this photograph, although it seems to have been taken on a bright, sunny, probably mid to late summer day. Alice Maud Mary McLim and Aubrey Edwin H Jeune were married in Toronto in January of 1901, and they separated some time after 1921. At the other end of time for this photo, Edwin himself was admitted to St Joseph’s Hospital in Toronto early in May, 1929 (and died there 3 weeks later).

This photograph probably also depicts a setting, perhaps for a picnic lunch, in the back yard at Samuel and Minnie Pickard’s.


 Do you know of any photographs which show Edwin Jeune, his wife Martha Jane [nee Allen] Jeune, or any of their siblings or descendants,

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