Photographic Images


Edwin Jeune

and his wife

Martha Jane [nee Allen] Jeune


Photographic images depicting likenesses of Edwin JEUNE are scarce, Only two photographs are known, both 'amateur' photos, more than likely taken in the 1920s.

More images of his wife, Martha Jane [nee ALLEN] Jeune are known, but also probably dating from the 1920s. All are also 'amateur' photographs.



The image copied below depicts Edwin and his wife Martha Jane [nee Allen] Jeune, along with their granddaughter Minnie Louise [nee JOHNSTON] PICKARD, and Minnie’s three oldest children – Margaret, Alwyn, and Mary. Minnie Louise was the oldest child of Edwin and Martha Jane’s oldest daughter, Annie Louisa [nee Jeune] Johnston, who died in Toronto in 1905.

The setting for this photograph was most likely the back yard of Minnie & Samuel Pickard’s home at 121 Queensbury Ave, in Birchcliff, a suburb in the eastern part of the City of Toronto. Based on the individuals shown in the photograph, and their known birth dates, it seems likely that this photo was taken in the spring or summer of 1921, just 8 years before Edwin died. This image came to me as a scanned and ‘restored’ print, from Alwyn Pickard’s son Ken through his mother, Alwyn's wife Kay, in 2001. The creases and cracks visible in the copy were apparently in the original photograph when it was scanned.

The structure in the background is more than likely the small shed that Martha lived in prior to her death in 1935, while the Pickards lived in the main house on Queensbury.


jeune edwin martha circa 1921 001 100dpi


The next photograph which depicts Edwin Jeune also shows his wife Martha Jane. They are seen flanking their son Aubrey Edwin Havelock Jeune’s first wife, Maude Alice McLim.

It’s more difficult to date this photograph, but Maude Alice [nee McLim] Jeune and Aubrey Edwin H Jeune were separated some time after 1921, and Edwin himself was admitted to St Joseph’s Hospital in Toronto early in May, 1929 (and died there 3 weeks later).

This image came to me in 2014, as a digital .jpg file from T Scott ERCIT, a descendant of Aubrey Edwin Havelock and Maude Alice [nee McLim] Jeune’s’.


jeune edwin martha jane ex tse Martha Jane Maud Edwin


This photograph probably also depicts a setting, perhaps for a picnic lunch, in the back yard at Samuel and Minnie Pickard’s.

Images of Martha Jane [nee Allen] Jeune later in life are more common.

The one below is rather complimentary and striking.

This image also came to me as a scanned, 'restored', and printed photo from Alwyn's son in 2001. No sense of date can be assigned to this photograph, other than to suggest that it was probably taken some time before 1920.


jeune martha nd 001 100dpi


Many of the photographs of Martha Jane are ‘daily life’ types of images. Her likeness was captured at one moment or another, with little regard for setting or exposure.

The images below are examples of this.

The one on the left, captioned 'my boat' unquestionably just shows Alwyn Pickard on the left, and Martha Jane on the right. Alwyn was born in about 1916. He was the son of Samuel and Minnie Louise [nee Johnston] Pickard, and he joined Canada's naval force during World War II.

The image on the right appears to be captioned 'Bert Jeune'. This, in all probability, is a photo of Martha Jane and her grandson Alfred Herbert Jeune, born in Toronto in 1907, the son of Martha Jane's only son, Aubrey Edwin Havelock Jeune, and his wife Maude Alice McLim.

Both of these images came to me in 2001, from the same source as two earlier images, but as a direct scan of one of Alwyn's photo albums to print, with no intermediary 'fixing'.


jeune martha nd 002 100dpi


The image below may have beeen taken about the same time as the one above which shows Martha Jane and her grandson Bert Jeune - certainly the border on the original print suggests development at the same time, and Martha appears to be wearing the same dress and necklace in both photos.


jeune martha nd 003 100dpi 3x5


The image above shows Martha Jane Jeune flanked by her grandson John James 'Jack' Johnston, on her right (the viewer's left), and her great grandson Alwyn Pickard on her left.

Jack Johnston was Minnie Louise [nee Johnston] Pickard's youngest full brother, born in 1905, the son of William Thomas Alexander Johnston and his wife Annie Louisa Jeune.

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