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...... is a name that appears to originate from the Baden / Wuertemburg area of western Germany. This particular site focuses interest on people of this name who lived in the village of Neckargartach, near Heilbronn, on the upper banks of the Neckar River. These Elsassers appear to have moved in to this area in the mid-1700s. Johan Gottlieb Elsasser, his wife Catherine [born NEUTZ], seven children, and 2 great grandchildren emigrated from their home in Neckargartach to the small village of Baden in the British North American province of Canada West, in 1856.


...... is a surname that appears to have origins on the English Channel Island of Jersey. Several lineages and family groups can be traced back to the commencement of the use of Church of England parish registers in the early 1500s. This site will present articles, stories, and biographies pertaining to the lives and relationships of many of these people. Descendants of some of the oldest known individuals who bore this surname (in all it's various spelling forms) can be found today in the Channel Islands, in England, Canada, the United States of America, and Australia and New Zealand.


...... is a surname with roots in Scotland. The primary focus of this site, however, are instances of the surname in the Province of Ulster, now in Northern Ireland. Featured is an ongoing study of the family history of descendants and other relations of Samuel JOHNSTON and his wife Isabella BURNS. Samuel and Isabella were married at the Townsend Street Presbyterian Church in Belfast, Ireland, in 1838.


...... is a surname that has roots in Scotland, and is found readily in records from Scotland and Northern Ireland.


...... is a surname that rose to prominence in the Argylshire / western isles of Scotland. A prominent feature of this site is the presentation of family histsory and other information about the origins, relations, and descendants of Peter LAMONT and his wife Elizabeth STEWART. Peter and Elizabeth appear to have been married in Glasgow, presumably where Elizabeth was living in about 1835. They were enumerated in the Burgh of Rothesay, Buteshire, Scotland, during the 1841 Census of Scotland, but they appear to have both been deceased by 1851. Descendants can be found today in Scotland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and beyond.

This site assenbles a collection of Accounts, Biographies, Stories, Genealogies, and Family Histories concerning people who have been known through the centuries by the surname MURDUCK, in all of it's varied forms and spellings. The study is supported by the The Guild of One-Name Studies.


...... is a surname that has it's origins in Scotland. And, following the plantation of Scots by the English to the North of Ireland in the mid-1600s, the surname has a strong prominence in what is today Northern Ireland. While there's an interest in all ORRs, this particular site grapples principally with the study of the origins, relations, and descendants of Thomas ORR (died 1901) and his wife Mary DUNLOP (died 1868) of Belfast, Ireland.


...... is an extremely common surname in English language settlement areas, and from many other parts of the western world. It can most readily be considered as a functional surname - one that derives from an occupation This particular site focusses on the origins, relations and descendants of Samuel Smith, a carpenter who lived in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in the mid-1800s.