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Here will be discussed the ancestors, descendants, and other relations of Philip JEUNE and his wife Elizabeth LESVELET. Both Peter and Elizabeth were born, raised their family, and died on the British Channel Island of Jersey. One of their sons - Edwin, worked around the Bay of Chaleurs in Quebec, Canada, and there he married Martha Jane ALLEN.

A study of the descendants and other relations of Samuel JOHNSTON and his wife Isabella BURNS. Samuel and Isabella were married in Belfast, Ireland, in 1837.

This section presents information about the descendants and relations of Peter LAMONT and his wife Elizabeth STEWART. Peter and Elizabeth appear to have been married in Glasgow, presumably where Elizabeth was living. They were enumerated in the Burgh of Rothesay, Buteshire, Scotland, during the 1841 Census of Scotland, but they appear to have both been deceased by 1851.

This site assenbles a collection of Accounts, Biographies, Stories, Genealogies, and Family Histories concerning people who have been known through the centuries by the surname MURDUCK, in all of it's varied forms and spellings. The study is supported by the The Guild of One-Name Studies.

A study of the descendants and relations of Thomas ORR and his wife Mary DUNLOP of Belfast, Ireland.