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        However you contact me, please remember the '4 W's, and provide as much initial information as you can about the people and places of interest to you. Be sure to also include an overview of the kind of information you are wishing to discover.
         Information about who, when, and where are of vital importance. Also extremely useful to have is an overview of what sources you have already surveyed yourself prior to contacting me for help. Thank you!
Note: All enquiries are responded to in a timely fashion. But please, if you want a timely response, set your incoming mail package or spam filters to allow receipt of mail from our server, that is <>. It has become increasingly apparent that some responses are not reaching respondents because of random rejection by some junk mail filters [particularly those associated with Hotmail and Yahoo]. If  a ' failed delivery notice ' is received after attempting to respond to your enquiry, please know that one more attempt to respond will be made from a paired email address that is used for just this purpose.
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