My Principal Areas of Specialization ....

Problem solving! Plain and simple. This is what I do best.
However, projects I've undertaken have ranged from simple: attending at a particular library or archive to obtain photographs of particular items, to more complex:  an investigation of more than three years duration where all descendants of a couple with three children who emigrated from England to Canada in 1825 were identified.
If records concerning people were created, no matter in what time period, or in what context, and the records have survived, and they are accessible, I dig for them.
I delight in discovering the roots of and then following varied paper trails. Land records of Ontario, Canada, are a particularly challenging set of records to navigate, but I enjoy the process of tracking people and real property very much.
In many cases, working for clients from across North America, Europe and Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand, Africa, and the Middle East, facts about specific individuals and particular families have been successfully discovered and documented back to the early 1500s, whenever surviving records have permited this.
Migration pathways and means have also been discovered for many families and individuals over many time periods.

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