My Affiliations ....


First and foremost, I'm a long-term participating member of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG), and the Ontario Chapter of the APG.

... I'm also a long term participating member of the Ontario (Canada) Genealogical Society (most recently known as 'Ontario Ancestors'); The Society of Genealogists (the United Kingdom); and the National Genealogical Society (the United States of America).

... Flexible memberships are maintained with a host of local genealogical & historical societies, branches and affiliates broadly in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

... Key blogs and news feeds are subscribed to, which pertain to significant genealogical matters relevant to western Europe and the United Kingdom, and North America. I also participate in several email based mailing lists and forums.

... A respected and talented group of associates & colleagues can be called upon for assistance if I'm unable to get to a particular library or archive, and the project requires information from those more distant places.

... On a more personal level, I'm a long term member of the Guild of One-Name Studies, and registered an interest in the surname Murduck many years ago. My presence with the Guild has recently expanded and I now participate in their Members' Web Site Program. See <>. This site is loosely mirrored to <>. Some similar, some different, and some unique articles can be found on both sites.


Contact Bruce D. Murduck   concerning any matter at all.