A Disclaimer ....


The person compiling information for presentation on this site, and in his Research Reports, is human (well, he is most of the time. Sometimes he’s just a plain old curmudgeon!).

After work on a Project, the fallible human just mentioned inserts in to his Research Reports facts gleaned from a variety of previously recorded documents and compilations. The found records and compilations were first created by other humans, usually across a broad expanse of space and time, for a great variety of purposes. And, the found records and compilations were based on facts that some other human relayed to the person compiling the record. Each person involved in any step of the process, then, has the potential to have been as fallible as the present compiler, no matter how perfectly or accurately they might like to think they’ve been. 

So, the potential for errors and inconsistencies to be inserted to any record or any compilation rises at every entry point.

I try as diligently as I can to ensure that I'm faithfully and accurately reporting on the facts I've found in one record or another. But it's a foregone conclusion that errors will creep in, no matter how many times a Report is proofread.

Therefore, I apologize profusely for any errors or inconsistencies that you, the reader, might encounter in this 21st century compilation, or in any of my Research Reports. I accept full responsibility for any fact or assertion that I might have written that can be shown to be inaccurate. If you believe you’ve discovered an error or a mistake, an inconsistency, or a ‘wrong fact’, do please let me know about it! Don’t be shy. Reach me through the Contact link in the menu above, or through the clickable button below. Thank you!


Contact Bruce D. Murduck   concerning any matter at all.