Bruce D. Murduck

Professional Genealogist & Family Historian


Bruce D. Murduck is more than just a skilled and competent professional genealogy researcher. He's also a history researcher and a geography researcher, and he utilizes skills and resources from all disciplines as he works. He offers a wide range of service. And, while his basic approach is one of forensic genealogy, the final results of any endeavour are completely tailored to the goals and interests of each individual client he helps.

His base is Kingston, Frontenac County, Ontario, Canada, almost equidistant from the important Canadian archival holdings in Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal, and those in Syracuse and Albany, New York. He travels as necessary throughout his normal region of work, and beyond.

During the course of his work he has initated and successfully concluded on-the-ground research at Canada's national archives in Ottawa, at Ontario's provincial archives in Toronto, and at all kinds of public and private libaries in places located throughout eastern Ontario and more broadly throughout the Province of Ontario. He has also successfully initiated work at facilities in all Canadian provinces, in almost all states of the United States of America, and difficult research issues have been solved while working at public and private local, regional and national libraries and archives in England (including the Channel Islands); Scotland; Ireland (both the Republic and Northern); some parts of France; and some parts of pre-unification Germany.

No problem or interest of yours is too small, or too large, to be of interest to him.

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Recently completed projects have run from simple basic requests, such as 'Are you available to visit Queen's University Archives in Kingston to photograph a couple of specific documents?' (yes, of course! Done.), through 'Can you travel to a cemetery in Leeds County, Ontario, to photograph a memorial stone for me?' (also done, which lead to deeper research of a United Empire Loyalist family and their origins.)A more involved request required work on the ground in Cobourg, Northumberland County, Ontario, while he worked to identify and locate heirs in an Estate case. At the other end of the spectrum, his expertise was engaged to oversee the lengthy discovery of all blood descendants of a couple who married in England in 1810, and emigrated with 3 children to what is now Ontario, Canada, in 1825 (at least two additional children were born in Oxford County, Upper Canada, and over the span of more than 3 years, documentary evidence linking more than 5,500 distinct individuals from across North America was gathered and compiled to a detailed narrative with full source citation. An array of separate family tree charts was also produced). More recent work has involved investigating family origins in Poland and Finland.