Bruce D. Murduck: Genealogist & Family Historian

I offer a comprehensive range of Research Services
- Historical, Geographical and Genealogical -
and am a specialist in
Genealogical Investigations and the Development of Family Histories.

My principal residence is located in a rural setting
just a few minutes north of the City of Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
This places me strategically within three hours travel of
Toronto to the west, Montreal to the east,
Ottawa to the north, and Syracuse, NY, USA to the south, thus
encompassing all of the major records repositories in eastern central Canada and northern New York.

As projects require
I make regular research trips to some of the major Archival repositories in Toronto
- such as the Archives of Ontario, City of Toronto Archives and the
Ontario Genealogical Society's Library;
The National Archives and National Library in Ottawa;
and to many other Libraries and record repositories
in the south-eastern and central areas of Ontario
and northern New York.

Full use is made of LDS-FHC and Internet resources.

My Research Reports contain full references to all sources consulted
(whether 'successful' or not)
with results, conclusions and speculations explained and contextualized
Full source citation information is provided where appropriate.

Following my client's general directions, my work is as thorough and as efficient as is possible.
My fee structure is reasonable.
Usually I accept work on an hourly paid basis,
but I will undertake larger or very specific tasks on a project based contract basis.

Information about general primary record classes available for research

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